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• Over the years, KOSA has been the venue of choice for various local and international water sports events

• KOSA was the venue for triathlon, open water swimming, water ski and wakeboard water sports events in the 2017 SEA Games

• The grand stand, which offers facilities such as media and VIP rooms, accommodates up to 1,000 people and is suitable for hosting both sporting and non-sporting events

• The man-made beach at KOSA is the first of its kind in Malaysia

• The Olympic-sized swimming pool , the only one in Putrajaya, provides designated sessions for ladies

• KOSA was incorporated into the masterplan of Putrajaya as part of the city’s main elements

• The water quality in Putrajaya lake, which is graded Class IIB by Interim National Water Quality Standards, is suitable for bodily contact. It is therefore suited for activities such as open water swimming and other recreational and sporting activities

• Water bodies in which recreational and sporting events are to be held should meet certain water quality standards to ensure the safety of those involved

• The water quality of Putrajaya lake is regularly checked by the Department of Environment

• Dragon boats are long and narrow ornately carved boats, each manned by up to 20 paddlers, a drummer to synchronize the paddlers’ strokes, and a helm or steers person to guide the boat

• Dragon boat races draw the spectators into the action through the drumming, shouting and vibrant coloured boats

• Waterski tournaments usually revolve around three main events: slalom, jump, and tricks

• Waterskiing was included in the Olympic Games in the year 1972

• Wakeboarding started gaining popularity in the 1980s and became a recognized extreme sport in the 1990s

• Surfing is one of the main influences for wakeboarding, and the first wakeboards to be developed were a hybrid of a water ski and surfboard called ‘skurfers’