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About Putrajaya Water Sports Complex (KOSA)

Putrajaya’s very own Water Sports Complex (KOSA) has brought water sports into the long list of attractions offered by Putrajaya. Purpose-built to support the development of water sports in the country, KOSA was incorporated into the administrative capital’s masterplan and has, therefore, been part of the city right from the start.

Previously under the purview of Perbadanan Putrajaya, the water sports complex is currently managed by Marina Putrajaya Sdn Bhd (MPSB). It has been placed under MPSB’s charge since February 2016.

KOSA is essentially the venue for water sports that offers support services to cater to a wide range of such events: from rowing and paddling activities to waterskiing and wakeboarding. KOSA brings water sports to the heart of the capital.

Try it out

Give water sports a try – you might get hooked! If you’re already into the sports, KOSA could be your training ground.

Did you know…? Water bodies in which recreational and sporting events are to be held should meet certain water quality standards to ensure the safety of those involved. The water quality in Putrajaya lake, which is graded Class IIB by Interim National Water Quality Standards, is suitable for bodily contact. It is therefore suited for activities such as open water swimming and other recreational and sporting activities. The water quality of Putrajaya lake is also regularly checked by the Department of Environment.

A spectator sport

The grandstand provides comfort and the best view – a great way to catch up on sporting events.

KOSA has been hosting various events ranging from local to international, both sporting and non-sporting events alike. In 2017, it was the venue for the SEA Games water sports events that saw Malaysia bagging gold medals in the wakeboarding, waterskiing and open water swimming categories.

Apart from serving as the venue for water sport events, KOSA is also utilized as a training ground for aspiring athletes and enthusiasts. While made accessible to the public, it has been more popular among foreigners, since such sporting activities are relatively new to the locals.

Swim like a champ

Even if you don’t, doesn’t trying out your strokes in an Olympic-sized pool make you feel like a champ? Besides, it’s a great way to keep fit.

Perhaps more than other facilities there, the Olympic-sized swimming pool is the more popular choice among the locals, especially during weekends. The pool even has ladies only sessions to accommodate for those who would appreciate a little privacy.

A bit of sun, sand and lake?

Feel like going to the beach but time is ever the constraint? If you have the beach in mind, you can still plan your day around it, as it is just a short drive from the city. It’s a short retreat, but the lake and the green surroundings are enough to provide a change of scenery for you to revive the tired mind.

The man-made beach is another attraction for weekenders. The sandy beach by the lake is a great spot for family outing or a short getaway for city folks. Although swimming is not allowed, there are a host of activities that could suit visitors: picnic, cycling and jogging or brisk-walking. Lined with coconut trees, it’s a good spot to chill.